Social Media Safety Tips: Use This Information and Stay Safe While Having Fun

Many people enjoy using social media sites. Nothing is more exciting than making a new Facebook friend or getting lots of likes for Instagram photos. However, safety should always be one of your top concerns when using these sites. I was like many people who use these sites until it happened to me. As cliché as it sounds, I faced a terrible experience that caused me much sleepless night simply because I took it as a joke. Do not follow in my footsteps. Make safety a top priority when using social media. The following tips are made to help keep you safe as you enjoy the fun that only social media can bring.

Click Links With Caution

Some links are not what they appear to be and licking them could lead to an infection or virus on your PC. This is a common trick that scammers use and you certainly do not want to get yourself involved. Sometimes, it is simply clickbait, or false news designed to make you click to earn advertiser money. Either way, be careful when links are posted.

What’s Your Password?

Select a strong password to use to access your social media account. Use a different password for each site that you belong to if it is possible. Don’t use names or birth dates as passwords since they’re easier to guess than you might realize. Make sure that you do not give anyone else your password. This is top secret information only for you to know.

Access Address Book

Many social networking sites have third-party apps available to their members. Using these third-party apps should be done carefully since some of them require access to your account and address book where they can spam or otherwise brother friends and others on your account.

Be Smart About Your Uploads

As much as you want those likes for Instagram photos, you do not want them at the expense of your reputation or safety. Be wary of other people out there who you don’t know and be careful about the photos and information that you upload. Never post addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers online, since these items are easily traceable.

Buy Safely

A lot of people have joined the trend of buying likes for their pictures on Instagram. It is legal and fun to do this, but make sure to choose a well-known, reputable company from which to buy. Otherwise, you could experience run-ins with bots that could steal your account information. Most legitimate companies sell real human-generated likes, though.

Use Common Sense

Ever heard of the show Catfish? If not, it is time to learn. No matter how many pictures you see on an account, remember that you truly don’t know who is behind the account in many cases. Be leery when talking to strangers online, especially if you cannot video chat or otherwise see them in real time. You never know who is really behind the scene. Don’t reveal too many details.

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