The Benefits of Social Media

Social networks have opened the doors to a new way of communicating and interacting with all people around the world. These platforms have given us more benefits than we can think of when we are going to communicate, share our thoughts or even when we want to promote our brand.

Social media has brought us many benefits that we could be listing for hours, however, we want to tell you the main advantages of using social networks. Keep reading and find out!

  • Continuous interactions

Sites like Instagram or Facebook give a new meaning to the word “interaction”. Since they came into our lives, people no longer have to be physically present in one place in order to have a conversation in real time. Besides, it gives us the ability to share different thoughts with friends from different parts of the world and to keep us aware of all the worldwide news and events.


  • It is a window to promote your business

This may be one of the best benefits of social media, and perhaps one of the most used. Nowadays it is very unlikely to find a company or a brand that does not use social networks to retain their customer base and attract new buyers. The reason why is because these networks have more human interaction than TV or other forms of media. Instagram and Facebook can be a great opportunity to promote products and services for free, reducing the final marketing costs. Large and small companies can access social networking sites equally and create an online profile to reach an international market or a specific audience.

Many companies want to gain followers on Instagram since more followers indicates a more popular product. Buying followers is common in the business world, particularly with start-ups, because it’s an easy way to give their numbers a boost and help them get noticed.

  • You get feedback continuously

Companies and businesses that offer services have understood the importance of feedback because it allows them to know their users and respond to them, and this makes it one of the best benefits of social networks. The fact that these spaces are for conversation and participation gives companies the opportunity to collect valuable information to improve their services or products directly.

  • You are aware of viral news

Due to its social characteristic, viral information in social networks is common. A good campaign can activate the “word of mouth”, making it the users themselves who are concerned about disseminating the contents between their networks, in a chain that exponentially increases the exposure of any information or news.

  • It adapts to your tastes

Social networks allow you to be informed about the topics that interest you most. Unlike traditional media in which you receive all the information available, social networks allow you to follow the comments of your favorite opinion leaders, enrich yourself with the opinions of other users with your same tastes and discover other accounts or news sources that otherwise you would not have gotten to know.

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